MB: living and writing the early days of parks canada

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  • This is a 1963 edition of MB's 1948 book, itself a close replica of her 1920s guides.

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  • 3270 W. 37th Friday Vancouver BC about 47 Dearest Rufus, It is somewhere between 5 & 6 in the morning but Morpheus seems to be off the job so I’ve had a cup of bedside coffee, very weak —and have had a look at the rose garden —…


  • 222 Clemow Ave Nov 23rd/41. My Dear M.B. What an assignment - to carry coals to Newcastle! I think the best way to answer your letter is to suggest you read a book entitled “Guardians of the Wild”, written by a person named…


  • Dearest Zöe Come up to the garden, Zo.For the black old winter's gone (we hope)Come up to the garden, Zo,Tho’ the tulips and daffs are done,The mulberry tree is bursting in leaf,The roses are budding beyond belief,The little brown wren…


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