MB: living and writing the early days of parks canada

MB Williams to her mother, 6 May 1935

Transcription / Additional Information

London NW2
May 6/35

Dear Mother,

            Have just been listening to the Kings speech & imagined I could see you listening to your own wireless. London has been terribly excited for days. We know of it chiefly through the wireless & news papers. Though even out here the streets are very gay & there is


an arch at the top of our street. It’s been the most perfect day like an early June day at home-really King’s weather. Just been listening to Rudyard Kipling who evidently thinks we should stop talking of peace & get ready for war. Europe still seems to have hydrophobia, but it would be dreadful to think of another war.


I am getting stronger every day. Go up on the roof & sit in the sun now. Almost as good as a country house. We can see for miles - over city roofs.

            Suppose you are watching for E’s return now. What a lot he will have to tell you. It will take all summer. I hear you have been “going out” with another young man just like you but I hope you make


the most of your opportunities. Those brown eyes of yours are still dangerous.

            The Jubilee programme is still going on but I’m off to bed. Sending some papers.

                Best love,


[Upside down:]
Tell Rufus to bring letters of introduction from the pres. of the Women’s Univ. Club or any college prof. She might want to stay a few days at Crosby Hall.




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