MB: living and writing the early days of parks canada

MB Williams to her niece Ruth ("Rufus"), Jan 1934

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Dear Rufus.

            Under separate cover am sending you some silk for a “frock.” Hope you like it. We all thought it very “chick” and you will see what a beautiful quality it is. Originally about 3.00 per yard even here, but reduced to a little over $1.00 for the January sales. I think it would lend itself to almost any kind of treatment either fussy or tailor made. Tunic dresses are very “good” here just now & as you are


always good yourself, especially to look at and to be with, that might be an appropriate style. Can’t quite make up my mind about the G.M.’s dress. Wouldn’t it be a good idea for her to wear that blue printed silk Uncle E. gave her, night & day till worn out. She wears thin things so little even in the summer that I was wondering how a light weight wool would be. Knitted things, strange to say, are


dearer here than at home. If I remember her knitted suit was beginning to look a bit passeé (masc. or fem?). I’ll wait & consider her problem more fully.

            Sent your mother’s novel on to an Eng. Agent. The first man turned it down. I’m afraid it hasn’t much chance on the English market. For one thing it’s too “Canadian.” English people simply cannot understand how a nice girl could wander about taking up with ticket agents & such. I mean the social environment would be so different


they could hardly grasp it without explanation. Then the English is a bit weak. They are accustomed to a more literary English. If she had a striking tale she might get it over. I think, though it might go in Canada. It has a gusto that is your mother’s special gift.

            Berlin Philharmonic orchestra here this week. Makes the Eng. orchestra sound like a village organization. Queer how few Eng. can play or sing, but they can make poetry. I’ll try for the books you mention.

            I am feeling better already & hope, though perhaps toothless, to be really Amazonian in a short time. 

            Best love,





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