MB: living and writing the early days of parks canada

MB Williams to her mother, 18 Sep 1933

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Prov. Quebec
Near the Sagnenay

Dear Motherkins.

            Your telegram was handed in just as we weighed anchor. The cheering reference to the mustard plasters gave our good-bye just that happy “domestic” touch. E. sent a box of glorious roses. Just awfully sweet of you to make the going away so pleasant but I always did think it was a nice family.

            We had 6 boxes of flowers, none as beautiful as his - 3 telegrams & a heap of letters so felt quite like


Hollywood stars. Mrs. Herridge had a “bob” and “perm” just before starting & immediately lost 10 years. She really looks so attractive that as a chaperone I really feel quite nervous.

            Gladys Kuhring, one of our friends, & her mother motored from Sorel & had lunch with us & we went over the ship - or some of it - together. There are several miles of decks & acres & acres of lounges, cardrooms, swimming pool, ball room, writing room etc.


We are very comfy in our cabin and have such an attentive stewardess. Makes me think of the one we had on the Hesperian.

            Beginning to feel the chill of the Saguenay & have shut off the ventilations. Fresh air driven in all through the ship, but just a little too fresh.

            Luncheon promised well. Everything quite as nice as first class on the Cunard - beginning to change our views re the C.P.R.


The hot water bottles are hanging on the hooks ready for action & we have a few family photos out so it looks & feels like home. Wish you could smell the salt air. We can’t be far from Metis now. Father Point at 9 o’clock, they say.

            Be sure you get that woman for the kitchen & have a good, good time while you are young

                X X X





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