MB: living and writing the early days of parks canada

MB Williams to her family, 25 Aug 1933

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Villa Lorraine, S. Pierre de
Wakefield, R. R. No. 1

Aug 25/33

“Villa Lorraine” is the name of the big house this is “Villa Marita” if you please, called after the Rev. Mother Superior, (who takes Marie Sylvia for a pen name and Mary B. Herridge). It’s a dear little place, about half the size of yours. Just a nice sitting room (with fireplace) and two bedrooms & a screened verandah facing the lake. [[diagram]] Between the two bedrooms there is a little hall which we use as a dressing room. Have our washstand there. We have chintz curtains at the casement windows


two hooked rugs and a beautiful hearthrug from Woolworths in front of the fireplace. To-day the carpenter is here making furniture. He has made quite a nice gateleg table & two small ones & will make some stools. Then we have two deck chairs & 2 willow chairs & 2 lovely beds. Mattresses with coiled springs inside. Very good.

            The sisters are very amusing. About half of them French & half English. Up here there are from 3 to 7. They go & come. Sister Damien is the cook and she is a very good one. I see myself swelling visibly


I have been taking things very quietly. Just hoping but my restless pardner is always up to something. She is off to Perth do-day. Our old friend Mrs. Inderwick is much worse.

            Sat. about 7 of the Press Club girls came up & we had a very jolly party. Chicken & mushrooms & peaches & cake with a bottle of wine to drink to the new cottage. The days are lovely clear & warm but at night there is already a touch of autumn & we are glad to start the fireplace. They say it has been very hot in town but I haven’t seen the papers so don’t know. I am sleeping splendidly & I draw a


veil over the way I am eating. Frances would be shocked. There is a small refreshment stand almost as far away as yours where they sell ice cream cones! Alas!

            We have a girl from New York who is our fisherman & she brings in the loveliest black bass. I wish you could taste it Frances. Last night she dressed up in the nun’s clothes and gave imitations of the diff sisters. Awfully funny.

            Sounds as if you were having quite a busy life. Keep it up.

            I think I will have my tooth put in in England & not take the time here. We shall have less than 2 weeks when we get back.

            So sorry about Bill Watters & will you tell Mrs. [Moniston] I was sorry not to say goodbye.

            Love to you both, M




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