MB: living and writing the early days of parks canada

MB Williams to her mother, Jun 1933

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Thursday morning

June 1/33

Dear Motherkins,

            No word from 334 this week but as to-day is the last day you can hear from me I thought I had better send you a line to reach you before Sunday.

            There is no news from my small world except that I am progressing famously & can now walk all around upstairs. Began to make real headway about a week ago. The Dr. gave me a shot of anti toxin 10 or 12 days ago. At first it seemed to have no effect – rather increased ones difficulties. Then all of a sudden the tooth cleared up, stopped being sore & leaking into my mouth, and I just went ahead like anything. He thinks I can go downstairs next week & then the next thing will be Dolly and the good life once more.

            I am afraid there will be some weeks work at the dentist the first thing. Wasn’t it too bad I had an appointment to have the bally tooth out the day after I got sick. There are some others that may have to come out too. So I can’t plan anything about going away for awhile. Besides Mrs. Herridge has been so wonderfully good to me that I couldn’t arrange to leave her alone unless she has other plans. If she decides to go to Pittsburg for a month as she has sometimes said she might I should feel free but unless she does I would only feel that I come run up to you for a week or ten days, at a time, You just can’t imagine


how kind she has been in every way. Anyone else would have sent me off to the hospital. I am sure you understand how much I should like to spend the summer with you, but also the situation. 

            She is very well herself fortunately. Banting agrees with her & she feels so energetic she can’t keep still. The “family” have been keeping her busy for a month. “Bill” nearly died. Dilation of the tummy and hiccuoughs. Then Mrs. Herridge went down with a heart collapse from the shock so that my Mrs. H. was very much in demand. Now the baby has arrived from Washington & he is a new interest. He really is a wonderful looking child. I think he takes after his Uncle Dick. He is 13 mos. old & just beginning to think of walking & talking. They are going to St. Andrews NB for the summer while Mrs. Herridge is in England.

            Hope you are having good days & more excursions to parks. When will Frances be through? Hardly seem possible does it. Quite cold here to day so we have a fire in the fireplace. Do you light your gas one?

            A kiss for everyone X X X




M.B. Williams, “MB Williams to her mother, Jun 1933,” MB: Living and Writing the Early Years of Parks Canada, accessed April 24, 2018, http://mbwilliams.academic-news.org/items/show/29.


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