MB: living and writing the early days of parks canada

MB Williams to her family, 1931

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[Cunard Line stationary]
[On board] Franconia
Wednesday noon
& All's Well

Dear People,

            We are now about half way over & feeling as fit as can be. Whether it’s the bella donna or what, can’t say, but as yet we haven’t missed a meal. Of course the sea is behaving like


a real lady only a big swell on and [ ___?] tips of white caps. I’ve been out on the top deck in a sheltered corner the whole morning & was beautifully ready for lunch. Mrs. Herridge has been unusually well for her but sleeps an inordinate no. of hours per day. However that is much better than being sick as she usually is.


We find we are to be longer than we expected. Shall not reach Plymouth till Mon. am & London Tues. night so we have decided to get off at Plymouth and run down to Cornwall - which is just next door - for a few days & then perhaps take a char-a-banc up to London. Mrs. H wants to get another picture from Johnny Park and I hope to get an article somewhere.


Saturday night. Nearly across and all's well. Pretty rough this morning and breakfast appeared at first to be almost beyond us. Mrs. H. gave up and lay back. Declared she couldn’t but I clapped on a mustard leaf on her tum-tum and she did. We’ve had quite a lot of fun out of this trip - The Earl of Portsmouth is on board with the Countess - travelling without their titles, while a most amusing knight who has evidently been a Lord Mayor somewhere has been terribly pompous.

            And now to bed - as Pepys says for the last time. Love. M.B.




M.B. Williams, “MB Williams to her family, 1931,” MB: Living and Writing the Early Years of Parks Canada, accessed April 24, 2018, http://mbwilliams.academic-news.org/items/show/34.


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