MB: living and writing the early days of parks canada

MB Williams to her family, Oct 1930

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Sunday Oct. 10.

[Written vertically across the top of the letter:]
Ever so many thanks for the book & daisy & the lovely scarf Mother. Have you any hints about Guy Fawkes?

A perfectly divine day with the leaves turning red & gold very fast. Mrs. H. has gone to the Rideau Lakes with Mrs. Brown but I had a bit of a cold so stayed at home. Otherwise I should have enjoyed “rambling.” It has been a busy week. Sunday the christening at Chalmers Church, and a christening tea later at Rockcliffe. Lord Bessborough and the prime minister standing by to see the horrible cognomen “Wm Rich Bennet Julian Vere” tacked on to the protesting mite


He raised his voice very loudly but Dr. Woodside rubbed his tummy hypnotically & he gave in. For his first party he had a wonderful cake made by the cook and all sorts of wonderful mugs & spoons, enough for all his grandchildren. Mrs. Herridge drove away up here on Sat. night to show the Grandmother the christening robe. It was made in Mil. & was a lovely as anything we saw in France or Italy. She was very happy about her baby but it makes one’s heart start up just a little to look at him.


He is so small for five months & he has such a wistful pathetic expression. Doesn’t like any kind of food they offer him. It's just a fight to get it down. He seems to think working not eating is a baby’s end in life. His uncle Dick is said to live on chocolates perhaps when he gets that far he will begin to thrive.

            Thursday we went to the opening of Parl. Mrs. (Mildred) Herridge had insisted on getting tickets for the chess [press] gallery & reserved seats so although it was pouring rain we went


Those hardy perennials - our black lace dresses came off the hook for the 99th time except that I added a bow of blue velvet to mine. It was pouring rain so we decided to go in style & took a 25ct taxi both ways.

            We both agreed that once in 20 years was often enough for such a performance though we had no crowding or waiting. Simply walked to our reserved seats.

Lady Bessborough looked wonderfully lovely. Dress of white chiffon velvet. Train lined with silver & edged with a broad band of Kolinsky. It looked just right against the


red carpet & chairs which killed some of the pinks & purples. Mr. Bennett perspired in gold lace & white satin trousers, cocked hat with the same grim determination with which he raises the tariff & cuts down the Civil Service. “My poor darling brother,” Mildred said, on Monday when she was going away. “How will he get into that coat alone.

            On Tues. our old friend Mrs. Inderwick came down to the hospital for some Xray treatments & has been here all week. Cyril has been going & coming & Friday night stayed all


night. They do not think it is anything serious but another old friend - Miss Jessie Lees - is developing that wretched trouble where the bones dissolve & it’s a horrid outlook. I am afraid much suffering involved.

            We are still working at Ouspensky. Ruth, it takes a lot of reading also got one of Bragdon’s book. “Architecture & Democracy" written in 1918 before the Great American period began. He was a disciple of Louis Sullivan as most of them were in the end. Has an interesting chapter on the possibilities of Colour as a new art. We are seeing something of the kind on


the stage to-day.

            Speaking of the stage, we had a charming letter from Tony Guthrie yesterday. Saying he has a new book coming out and that his play “The Second Coming” will be produced in 6 weeks. We discussed the possibility of going over to see it but decided that even if Tony did give us passes it would come a little high.

            Mrs. Herridge isn’t really very well. She seems very tired. As if she were on the verge of a nervous break. We were to have driven to Montreal this week but I persuaded her


not to. I think she’s not up to it. She has had a lot of things to worry her lately but we’ll just have to see what more rest will do.

            Had quite a minor tragedy with my green coat, Rufus. Sent it to be cleaned & the “fur” collar dissolved in the bath. Seems to have been stuck on with glue to some sort of composition & the glue melted. So now I have no collar & am meditating the next move. Mrs. H. has some bits of Hudson seal which may DO.

            We are going to send a list of books soon that we want you to buy for us. Am anxious to hear how the curtains look. Haven’t got the $8.00 back yet but they say I will. Does mother enjoy the park?






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