MB: living and writing the early days of parks canada

MB Williams to her family, Oct 1928

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Sunday afternoon.


October 11, 1928

[Written vertically at the top of the page:]

Feeling fine & quite rested after my trip.

Dear People

Here I am back in to old routine of life and all is as if it had not been, except for happy memories and renewed associations. Saturday morning I went to the office (Friday I just unpacked, dusted & slept) and yesterday afternoon I came up here to Mrs. Irene’s & am spending the week-end. We tried to get Walter Dawrosch [?] last night but in spite of


their $300 Radio we only heard him in bits. They say there are too many boosters [?] near here. I had a good sleep of 10 hours last night & am feeling quite fine. We have just been over to “Wenty’s” (Mr. Wentworth Greene’s) to dinner. He is the wealthy old bachelor uncle with the housekeeper. She is delicious. Wish Ruth could study her for a comic


part. To begin with she didn’t have dinner ready till after 2 & we were really famished. She had boiled lamb with caper sauce, cauliflower with asparagus sauce, new carrots, boiled spanish onions with parsley sauce, wine cider & ale, & two desserts with oatmeal cookies & Madeira cake to top off with. I began with caution but in the end threw all


reservation to the wind & tested my thyroid to its utmost. Wenty is an old dear but so conservative. I was almost afraid to show my ankles. His two greatest interests are history & stocks or rather bonds. They are so safe. The house is very old fashioned - queer old engravings & the family done in oils, one or two [pagebreak] nice old bits of furniture but the rest just the queer medley that an old bachelor with no artistic guidance would buy. They all seemed glad to see me back at the office. Mr. Harkin welcomed me with both hands & kept me for an hour talking. He wouldn’t have done that if Mr. Campbell had been home


for he would have had his head in the door on some pretense. He wants to be in on everything I suppose. The flat was a bit dusty & the silver (!) was absolutely freckled and the people above had gone away & let the furnace go out and 6 radiators had burst & leaked through several ceilings.


But most luckily no real damage was done to my flat.

I suppose Ruth is feeling very free & irresponsible to-day. Devlin’s were having a sale yesterday & I thought I would see if there was anything exceptionally nice but there really wasn’t. I think it will be better to wait for the spring sales.


Mrs. Greene very well but Dr. Herridge doesn’t look so well as when I left. He has had two queer little attacks. Pretty cold here but very crisp & sunny. Flat lovely & warm Poulin’s store going out of business. Phoned Violet & they are all well. Am just writing a line so Dr. Herridge can post it when he goes out. Much love Mab.




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