MB: living and writing the early days of parks canada

Jean Chrétien to MB Williams, Feb 1972

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Februrary 16, 1972.
Miss Mabel B. Williams,
Ridout Towers-Apt. No. 609,
100 Ridout Street, S.,
London, Ontario.

Dear Miss Williams:

In December last, my Department’s staff paper, “Intercom”, contained a feature article calling attention to the fact that 1971 commemorated the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the National and Historic Parks Branch. I was delighted to learn that two members of the original staff, assembled by Commissioner Harkin in the Birks Building, Ottawa, in September 1911 — yourself and Mrs. W. H. Courtice - were still active and able to recall this unique event.

I have since learned that on February 18, you will celebrate your 94th birthday. This in itself is an historic occasion. Consequently, I wish to convey to you personally, and also on behalf of my large and widely distributed National Parks staff, my sincerest congratulations and very best wishes. May I express the hope that you will enjoy many more birthdays and be able to look back with pride and satisfaction on the part which you played in helping to develop the National Parks idea in Canada.

                Yours sincerely,

                Jean Chrétien




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