MB: living and writing the early days of parks canada

Homeland Dear Forever, date unknown

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Homeland Dear Forever

O sunbright land, ‘neath northern skies,
Land where hardy men may dwell,
How can thy sons who hold thee dear
Onehalf thy beauty tell.
So rich in pine and leafy wood,
In mountain, lake, and river,
By mighty oceans triply bound,
  A homeland wide forever.

    Chorus:    O Canada, our hope, our pride,
O homeland dear forever,
God grant us men both wise and true,
To keep thee strong forever.

Where noble Wolfe and Montcalm fell,
Equal in glory, death and fame,
Where two great peoples blend their strength
Beneath one flag, one name.
Where folk from many another shore
Have faced crossed wide sea and river
To build a home where freedom lives
And make it theirs forever.    Chorus:    O Canada….

Dear land of peaceful aims and ways,
Rich with many a glorious name,
Land bright with snows, with golden fields,
Or autumn woods aflame,
Still may thy people firmly stand
For truth and freedom ever,
With hands out-stretched to all the world
In brotherhood forever.    Chorus:    O Canada…….




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