MB: living and writing the early days of parks canada

MB Williams to her mother, 1934

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Tues. night
Dear Mother

Out at Miss Lees & having a nice rest. Spent the morning in bed. Yesterday was a hectic day. Finished packing in the morning, went to bank, office


& shopped. In afternoon Alison had a tea & I saw all the relatives. Maggie & Lois, Aunt Tollie & the girls, the Johnsons, Mabel Stalkes, CarrieGrenfell etc. about 20. Then at 6.30 went to press club party and saw all the girls. Got a great


reception from them.

After that Howard brought me out here & I found dear Miss Lees waiting up for me. She made me take breakfast in bed & this afternoon Aunt Tollie & Christine came up for tea. Christine


is getting to be the beauty of the family.

Everyone asking about you. Lois’ husband drank & she had to leave him. She is trying for a job, very nice girl. Maggie looks old & tired. Soft of gone to pieces.

Hope the old back is behaving.

Love Mabel





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