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Grey Owl to MB, Oct 1932

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Prince Albert National Park
Prince Albert
Oct. 29th 1932
Miss MB Williams
c/o JC Campbell, Esqre
Canadian National Parks

Dear Miss Williams:

I hear from Mr. Campbell that you are back in Ottawa after your long trip to Europe, which I hope you enjoyed. I did not answer your letter from England, as I figured you would be moving around, and in a country of such large population you might never receive my letter. The kind interest you took in the welfare of the beaver certainly, I think, entitles you to a closer intimacy with them than you have heretofore had, & both Gertie & I hope that now you are back in Canada you will pay us all that long deferred and oft-promised visit. I feel that there is something lost if you do not come & make a first


hand acquaintance with the Beaver People. We have so much to show you now that is truly wonderful that we feel that you, of all people, who can so readily understand and so beautifully express the beauty of that lies in Nature, should come & see your little protégées.

As you no doubt know, there is a wee owlet, who is really worth coming far to see, at least so we imagine.

The beaver, of which there are seven at this present time, have built a house inside the cabin & now also an additional dome shaped structure outside the front wall, which may be converting into living quarters later. I am anxious to find out the plans of the current young ones. They are very cute & tame & I hope they stay with us. This having been their undisturbed home for a year, and so much preparation for permanent residence having been made by them, may have its effect, although they undoubtedly will make their Spring journey down stream.


We are now frozen in & fixed for the Winter, & soon as my outside work is completed I must commence sending in a few stories to Mr. Campbell. Things will be tied up for a month at least, owing to the big lakes not freezing over readily, but I should have a little stuff out by early December.

Hoping you find happiness in re-entering a circle from which you were so long away (I’ll bet Mr. Campbell sorely misses your co-operation), & with best wishes from us both,

I am
Yours very sincerely,

Grey Owl





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